Contact persons for the DFG Core Facility

500-ton multi-anvil apparatus
1000-ton multi-anvil apparatus
1200-ton multi-anvil apparatus
5000-ton multi-anvil apparatus

Prof. Dr. Dan Frost
Prof. Dr. Tomoo Katsura

D-DIA deformation apparatus

Prof. Dr. Dan Frost

6-axis multi-anvil apparatus

Prof. Dr. Dan Frost

Piston cylinder apparatus

Dr. Catherine McCammon

Diamond anvil cells

Prof. Leonid Dubrovinsky
Dr. Tiziana Boffa-Ballaran (in-house single-crystal diffraction)
Prof. Dr. Hans Keppler (externally-heated hydrothermal cells)

Standard hydrothermal bombs and TZM bombs
Internally heated gas pressure vessel

Prof. Dr. Hans Keppler
Dr. Andreas Audetat

Gas-mixing furnaces

Dr. Andreas Audetat

All other equipment and general questions of organization and management

Prof. Dr. Hans Keppler

Safety regulations

Dr. Florian Heidelbach