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With financial support from German Science Foundation (DFG), the high-pressure laboratories of Bayerisches Geoinstitut are open to external users. For a list of available equipment, please click here.

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Access to the laboratories is granted in two different modes

  1. German users with approved DFG proposal can perform experiments and pay for the costs from their DFG grants.
    Click here for a current list of prices.
  2. All other users can perform a limited number of experiments free of charge. This possibility is open for users from all nationalities and all fields of science. Limited financial support for travelling is available.

In order to request access by either one of the above modes, please fill out an application form and submit it by email to

Applications can be submitted four times per year (until March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31). Proposals will usually be processed within one month after the deadline. In urgent cases, proposals can be approved between the regular deadlines.

Users are strongly encouraged to discuss the technical requirements of their experiments with the responsible scientists before submitting an application. For a complete user guide of the Core Facility, please click here.

For industrial users, special terms and conditions apply.
Please enquire at Bayerisches.Geoinstitut(at)

The present round of DFG funding for the core facility has expired.
Currently, projects can only be considered if users agree to pay for the costs.